Aegis for Cardano NFT Icons

2 min readSep 19, 2022

In Greek Mythology, Argus was an “all-seeing” Titan with 100 eyes — a fitting name for our AI protocol which is being built to see and compare all NFTs. Until now, only NFT marketplaces have had the ability to deploy the power of Argus to protect their users from buying plagiarized NFTs. But our goal from the beginning has been to allow NFT creators and collectors to directly protect their NFTs and digital art across all blockchain ecosystems defended by Argus.

To do this, we’re building Aegis, an image/NFT registry and notification system on top of Argus where NFT creators and collectors will be able to register pre-minted art and NFTs and thereby protect them into the future.

Rather than saving a copy of the image itself, Aegis generates an encrypted hash of the image which (while it cannot be used to recreate the image) is used by Argus’ copy detection protocol. This allows creators to keep their images private if they wish, while still protecting them from counterfeit NFTs being minted on Cardano and all other blockchains Argus protects in the future.

That said, with the public launch of Aegis approaching, we’re delighted to announce the pilot launch of this service with the the team at NewMindFlow to support their upcoming collection drop of Icons Part 2.

“Plutus & Eirene,” from NewMindFlow’s coming Icons Part 2 collection

NewMindFlow are the talented creators of a number of successful NFT projects on Cardano, and among the founding members of The NFT Guild, which has become a leading forum for many of the foremost leaders in the Cardano NFT ecosystem to communicate and collaborate on building standards and tools for the community.

The Icons Part 2 collection will commemorate the upcoming, historic Vasil Hardfork of the Cardano blockchain — an event that is set to unlock new potential for creativity at scale for Cardano developers. And the collection will bring to life the mythos and iconography of the Cardano ecosystem through depictions of the god Plutus — the Greek god of wealth — the flight of Daedalus from the labyrinth of the Minotaur, and Ouroboros — the cosmic serpent of eternal renewal.

Both NewMindFlow and our team at ArgusNFT dedicated to building trust and empowering creativity on Cardano. And we also all have a shared affection for Greek mythology, lol. So we can’t think of a better partner to work with on our pilot launch of Aegis. We’re so excited to be working with this generous and generative team to help protect the originality of their art, and to help our Aegis service for public flight.




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