Argus x Proofspace — IDs 4 NFTs

Our core mission at ArgusNFT is enhancing trust and transparency in NFT markets. Our goal is to build tools that allow NFT markets to mature to the point where NFTs can gain mass adoption in a safe and sustainable way for all kinds of NFT stakeholders. And while we’re confident our flagship products, Argus and Aegis, will have a big impact advancing this mission, we also put a lot of time into thinking about the long term future of NFT markets: We think a lot about how NFTs can deliver on our vision of more comprehensive, lower cost, more scalable protection of intellectual property. And we think about how the fundamental innovations of blockchain — which are just as much about identity and reputation as finance and NFTs — will come together to create the future of intellectual property.

Looking ahead to this future, we’re excited to announce our proposed collaboration between ArgusNFT and ProofSpace, one of the leading, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platforms on Cardano. ProofSpace has built a decentralized identifier (DID) solution powered by Atala Prism — a self-sovereign identity platform and service suite for verifiable data and digital identity, built on Cardano.

With this collaboration — which is contingent upon the funding of a Fund9, Project Catalyst Proposal submitted jointly by our teams — we’ll contribute to cutting-edge work being done at the intersection of SSI and NFTs. Once in production, our NFT ID solution will enable a person to verify (with a click of a button) that the entity who minted an NFT also owns a given Twitter account and email address, and has run the NFT’s artwork through Argus prior to minting (to evidence it’s not a counterfeit or cross-chain copy).

We believe that building reputation for creators, while also respecting their privacy and anonymity, will bring about a bigger and still-better market for NFTs, and we see the marriage of Argus and DIDs as an important step towards this future. If you agree, or just want to learn more about our proposal, you can read its full text on Ideascale. And if you’d like to support all our work at ArgusNFT, you can find all our Fund9 Catalyst proposals at our Catalyst Linktree page.



Enhancing Trust and Asset Discovery in NFT Markets

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