ArgusNFT x JPG Store

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that ArgusNFT is partnering with JPG Store, the leading NFT marketplace on Cardano.

Starting today, JPG Store will use the Argus API to alert JPG’s community of collectors and creators about potentially fake/counterfeit NFTs listed on the Store. ArgusNFT’s industry-first API makes its NFT copy detection protocol available to NFT marketplaces. And in its commitment to be the industry’s most trusted NFT marketplace, JPG Store will be the first marketplace to integrate the Argus API.

As part of the partnership, over the next few months ArgusNFT and JPG Store will also work together to improve the scope and accuracy of Argus’ artificial intelligence and machine learning models. These improvements will provide JPG Store users superior protection from unwittingly purchasing counterfeit NFTs, and further ArgusNFT and JPG Store’s shared goal of making Cardano the best, most trusted place to create and trade NFTs.



Enhancing Trust and Asset Discovery in NFT Markets

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